To coordinate carpooling to SRF services, use the >RIDESHARE page.

>Senior Transportation: Toolkit and Best Practices
A publication of the Community Transportation Association of America, J Hardin (2003)

>Senior Mobility
Older adults are a growing and diverse segment of our population. Their mobility needs reflect this diversity. While transportation to meet the special needs of frail older persons will always be an essential service, growing numbers of older persons have transportation needs similar to the general population. They may have cars, but are looking for convenient and affordable options – to work, to shopping, to recreation and entertainment. The ride bicycles and walk in their own communities. They use vanpools and rideshare to get to work. They use taxis and Uber. However, public and community transportation continues to be the primary means of transportation for older adults. 

>Passengers With Disabilities

A site dedicated to news, resources, finance and discussion about connecting all forms of ride sharing into a cohesive network that builds mobility options, reduces congestion and improves the environment.

>The Vanpool Works is a collaborative effort to create and promote vanpool programs. It provides business planning, technical assistance, financing, and other services and is designed to provide organizations with the resources, information, products, services and skills necessary to efficiently start-up or expand a vanpool program of any size.

Devotee Shuttle

The Devotee Shuttle proposal is a separate organization whose mission to provide safe, reliable and hosted shuttle services to SRF temples, centers and groups. The central feature is the creation of teams of ride coodinators/hosts for designated routes whose function is to provide a proactive liaison between shuttle drivers and SRF devotee subscribers on a route while implementing Devotee Shuttle’s mission.

This site will provide resources, consulting and interview services to research safe and reliable shuttle services for a designated devotee representative for an area to organize services and form teams of ride coordinators who will be on the route. The goal is find enough coordinators to have a coordinator for every shuttle service. This site will also provide resources for training ride coordinators to work with devotees and shuttle drivers and online volunteer coordination tools.

This project is in need of a board and non-profit status to provide the resources listed above. The cost of the shuttle services will be paid through subscription services of the devotee riders.

The first goal of this project is to seek crowdfunding donations to acquire 501c3 status for incorporation as a non-profit doing business as Devotee Village and Devotee Shuttle.

>Devotee Shuttle Van Service and Insurance Tiers

>Rideshare Nation Business and Financial Resources

Welcome to a targeted set of business and financial resources designed to help public- and private-sector Rideshare groups acquire the software, hardware, financing, training and technical assistance they need to expand and enhance your transportation operation. All the help and guidance you need is a simple click away.

short_bus_starcraftstarquest350 Handicap-Shuttle-Minibus buses-for-sale


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