Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) is developing a new education program based on the how-to-live teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the youth programs of SRF. Education cooperatives using home school resources at devotee communities can be linked to SRF teachings or SRF education programs when they are available. Multi-generation cooperative communities would be especially useful in integrating retired adults with school age education and mentoring while parents are busy at work.


“We are very pleased to announce that in the coming year Self-Realization Fellowship will be introducing new programs for teens and children. These will be designed to provide a greater variety of options than SRF has been able to offer to date.

… Our goal now is to gradually expand our offerings in order to serve a larger age group of children and teens, and also to make the spiritual experience envisioned by Paramahansaji in his wishes for “how-to-live” schools available to more than the relatively few who can attend the overnight programs in southern California.

Although plans are still in the development phase, we wanted to share this pre­liminary announcement now for the benefit of parents whose children have partici­pated in the overnight summer camps held annually in the San Bernardino Mountains in southern California. The new programs will not be held at the camp that was used in past years. Instead, activities will take place in various locations with the idea of eventually making SRF youth activities available in more and more areas.”

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