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A networking brainstorm thread for discussing Phoenix area Devotee Villages and Shuttle services has been started in the Facebook group: >Devotee Village Brainstorm Group

>North Mountain Devotee Community

North Mountain Homes
This area of Phoenix is highlighted as one of the prime locations for Devotees of the Phoenix Temple to move closer together in a community. The area is an example of one the resort type areas of the Phoenix area and is close to 12 minutes to the Phoenix temple with reasonably priced homes of various sizes. The North Mountain area sits on the south side of North Mountain with the best and safer shopping areas just north and northwest through the Mountain passes where one can be feel safer outdoors at night. The North Mountain Park with scenic picnic pavilions, walking and mountain trails is adjacent to the residential community.
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East Maryland Ave Condo-Land
Closer to the Phoenix temple is condo-land east of 7th st on Maryland ave. A well-kept area with every condo type choice imaginable.
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Phoenix is a mecca desert community of retirement resort communities. It is also attracting retiring devotees for numerous reasons, of course the active temple, but also the reasonable cost of living and retiree Arizona vacation lifestyle and (mostly) mild weather.

If you live in Phoenix or want to live here, please place a marker on the > LOCATIONS map so other devotees in the area can contact you for networking and assistance. Use zeros for the last two digits of the Phoenix address.

Research shows multigenerational communities are more harmonious and satisfy more life long social and spiritual needs by bringing the old and young together who can greatly help each other rather like village environments in third world countries. I will look for the research and examples to justify this.

One goal is to locate our villages so that shuttle service using Devotee Shuttle is practical and comfortable enough to extend the spiritual SRF environment during travel times. For seniors the travel time may need to be adjusted to their health needs and this would weigh in on the location of the villages themselves to the temple itself. It would certainly would help with the parking issue there!

Any devotees anywhere are welcome to join us with their unique resources if they feel this area is for them and let us work together to make it happen. Under this link I will continually be posting about Arizona and my area with of course my bias 🙂

Welcome to AZ



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