Global Awareness of Yogananda’s Teachings on the Rise

“Over the past several months, numerous media outlets from around the globe have published inspiring articles about Paramahansa Yogananda and his Self-Realization Fellowship teachings—yet another sign that his influence on world spirituality continues to grow.    Over 150 print publications and websites noted the milestone of Paramahansa Yoganananda’s 125th birth anniversary, which occurred on January 5, 2018. The December 2017 issue of Siliconeer magazine (a monthly print and online general-interest periodical with a large distribution among the south Asian community in the the United States) published a six-page feature with photographs in anticipation of this historic event. ”

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2017 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation – Devotee2Devotee Notes

“These notes are our best attempt to capture the essence of what was said at this class. …Brother Chidananda opened Convocation with these words: Let’s open this spiritual week by invoking the presence of God and our great Gurus.  We are now entering a sacred space of the living Divine.Ma left this world after many years of serving.  Ma expressed how much love and joy she felt being at convocation.  Her personal message: “Dear Ones, Warm greetings in the name of our beloved Gurudev.  Immerse yourself in the timeless truth of Master’s teachings.  Know in my heart and in my thoughts that I am with you.  No one is more eager them Master to redeem our divine heritage.  He will help us along the way and bless us.  Release the cares, disturbances, and busyness of daily life.  The blessings of God and Guru are pouring out to you.  Think of Guruji walking with you and praying for you.  Awareness of the loving presence of God and Guru is the greatest strength we have.  Open your heart and consciousness fully and allow their blessings to flow through you.

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Cohousing Could Help Solve Some of the World’s Most Pressing Problems | Big Think

“Some nations around the world are saying that they’re staring down a loneliness epidemic. One result has been a small but growing movement toward cohousing. Here, privacy is balanced with social interaction.

Admittedly, it isn’t for everyone. But those who are living this way seem to be reaping some astonishing benefits.Cohousing is defined as groups of people or families who decide to start their own planned community. They usually number between 15-40 individuals.

Each member or family has their own house. But the houses are clustered around common areas designed for social interaction. Houses have kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms, your typical house.But the community also has a common house with a kitchen and dining room, where they cook and eat meals together a few times per week.

Common play areas, patios, gardens, walkways, and laundry rooms offer other shared spaces. According to AARP, a unit in a planned community usually costs slightly more upfront than houses in the surrounding market, but savings in food and energy make the overall cost lower.Several cohousing communities embrace green living options including organic vegetable gardens, renewable energy, and carpooling or car sharing.

Though lots share similar values, some advocates say it works best with a variety of different people, including different races, ages, and yes even political persuasions.The cohousing model may make green living easier. Getty Images.Usually, they end up sharing tools and other items, such as lawnmowers. Lots of friendships spring up. You have a wealth of experts to draw upon. It’s also great to have someone nearby who can offer a listening ear or a new perspective on a problem, instead of dumping it all on your partner. Eldercare and childcare become far more manageable too.

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Kriya Yoga Featured in Yogic Paths Episode: Self-Realization Fellowship

Kriya Yoga Featured in Yogic Paths Episode Kriya Yoga and the work of Paramahansa Yogananda are featured in an episode of the new Gaia series Yogic Paths, entitled simply “Kriya.” The episode explores Kriya Yoga’s revival in the 19th century by Mahavatar Babaji and its transmission to the world through the SRF/YSS line of Gurus. It further examines the unique role Kriya Yoga plays as the central component of the system of Raja Yoga.The 13-episode Yogic Paths series explores the history and practice of many various yoga traditions. Previews of each episode can be viewed free of charge, with full episodes available to paying Gaia subscribers.

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Visioning a community for the Masters to work on

Recently an SRF group proposed using visioning to materialize the “palace” of their new center they have been saving money for. This technique has been used by other SRF groups and be of value for those of you trying to get an SRF community started:

Our managing council has come up with an idea to give a definite blueprint of what we want our new home…
We propose to place the detailed “vision” documents we are asking you for into a Time Capsule to be placed in the new altar for the Masters to work on for us.
We encourage all of our members to think about what you would like our new facility to be like, with details and size specifics. The greater attention and detail we put into this, the closer our vision is to actually materializing. Other groups have had this work for them. Our committees have already been given this idea to work on…

Consider including the following:

1. Size of the chapel for services, # of people and layout.
2. Number of parking spaces.
3. Sunday School rooms and storage.
4. Flower workshop and refrigeration.
5. Cleaning and storage space.
6. What do the grounds look like?
7. Room suitable for our socials.
8. Audio-visual equipment.
9. Counting room and safe for collections.
10. Book room and storage.
11. Lending library and reading room.”

(c)Jonathan Castner 2006

5 Tiny House TEDTalk Speeches that will Inspire You to Go Tiny

What is keeping you from owning a Tiny House RV? This is the first question I ask any Tiny House Enthusiast. Most of the time, the answer is fear. People are afraid of challenges, change, and defying social norms. It’s human nature.

So, how can you stop being afraid and achieve your dream? Sometimes, all you need is some fresh inspiration. Below I’ve compiled a list of five TEDTalk speeches from seasoned Tiny Housers. Listen to their stories, learn how they overcame the challenges, and motivate yourself to follow in their footsteps.

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Not-so-small living: 5 of the best supersized tiny houses

“As well as the growth in luxury tiny houses, another trend in the small living movement that’s taken us by surprise is the increase in very large models. These supersized tiny houses offer the freedom that comes with any towable dwelling, but with much more room inside than you’d usually expect. Read on to see our pick of the five best examples.

A big tiny house sounds a bit like a contradiction in terms. Some even make an argument that given their size they should be thought of as trailer homes. Admittedly, the differences between the two categories are pretty small, but unlike trailer homes, all but one of these tiny houses can be legally towed with a pickup truck or similar vehicle, and the aesthetic is also different.

More than that though, the thing that sets tiny houses apart is the community, DIY spirit, and anything-goes attitude that often just wouldn’t be possible in mainstream architecture projects, RV, or trailer construction.

Without further ado then, here’s our pick of the five best supersized tiny houses. You can also head to the gallery for a closer look at each one.”



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