Visioning a community for the Masters to work on

Recently an SRF group proposed using visioning to materialize the “palace” of their new center they have been saving money for. This technique has been used by other SRF groups and be of value for those of you trying to get an SRF community started:

Our managing council has come up with an idea to give a definite blueprint of what we want our new home…
We propose to place the detailed “vision” documents we are asking you for into a Time Capsule to be placed in the new altar for the Masters to work on for us.
We encourage all of our members to think about what you would like our new facility to be like, with details and size specifics. The greater attention and detail we put into this, the closer our vision is to actually materializing. Other groups have had this work for them. Our committees have already been given this idea to work on…

Consider including the following:

1. Size of the chapel for services, # of people and layout.
2. Number of parking spaces.
3. Sunday School rooms and storage.
4. Flower workshop and refrigeration.
5. Cleaning and storage space.
6. What do the grounds look like?
7. Room suitable for our socials.
8. Audio-visual equipment.
9. Counting room and safe for collections.
10. Book room and storage.
11. Lending library and reading room.”

(c)Jonathan Castner 2006

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