Cooperative Communities based on the Practices of Yoga

Welcome to the Community Centers site for yoga devotees based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda as published by Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF).

DISCLAIMER – This project is not affiliated with or connected to SRF or any other organization. As more guidance on direction is received by SRF devotees or even SRF, this will site will change accordingly. The mission of this site is to provide a place for SRF devotees in all locations to network online on the possibility of creating living communities and resources to support them.

If you are new to SRF, we invite you to explore the SRF link above and use the CONTACT link to find out more how to become part of the SRF family.

Yogananda Mantage

This site was created to facilitate the building and networking of local communities of SRF devotees online and shuttle services to metro area SRF temples, centers or groups. 

Under the Locations link, various groups of devotees can organize, network, maintain web pages and use  the FORUM links in the top menu to brainstorm solutions for building local communities. Feel free to create new threads for your project.

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Under the Locations menu, you can open the “US Locations Map” link to enter your preferred Devotee Village locations and enter your name so others can know where you would like a village when communicating in the forum. Use the Contact link to request a page under the Locations link you can edit for your group.



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